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maybe it’s the gloriously cool temperatures that have finally reached NYC or the other marathons that are starting to happen around the east coast, but it finally feels like the fall racing season. And with that, some probably less than necessary second-guessing my workouts, mileage, long runs, rest, etc. thus far and wondering if I should be doing something differently. Even after 10 marathons, I’m not sure I know what I’m doing most of the time when it comes to training (though I’ve had my moments, I guess!). With social media being what it is, I also find myself comparing to others training sometimes – should I be doing two workouts every week? Running higher mileage? Less mileage? A longer long run? Doubles? The list goes on.


too fast? too slow? i have no idea?

while it is helpful to read about new workouts fellow runner folk are doing, it’s largely not helpful to compare my running to anyone else’s. It’s all relative – one person’s fast is another person’s slow, and vice versa. Whenever I find myself falling into the comparison trap, I ask myself the same question:

is this useful?

if it’s not, and it often isn’t, let that shit go and focus on the present (and you!). This question also works for a lot of life’s worries and negativity (it only took me 34 years to make that breakthrough, by the way, thanks mostly to my yoga and meditation practice).

anyways! Early on I decided that for this training cycle, I’d focus on a quality Tuesday workout and weekend long run with a workout imbedded within to give me enough recovery time in between runs (getting old sucks) but also build speed and endurance. I also shoot for one day off per week and usually go to yoga on this day, plus around three other days over the week/weekend. Yoga has helped me tremendously in the past year or so as I’ve developed a regular practice – both physically and mentally – and I recently got an unlimited membership to my favorite studio. Best decision ever.


refueling after morning runs has also been a priority

so far, Tuesday workouts have gone really well and I’m getting better at pushing myself and managing pain. The long runs have been a different story, mostly due to the insane heat and humidity we’ve had for most of the summer. I haven’t done very many workouts within the runs because just getting through them has been enough of a challenge! And that’s ok (plus it has to count for something once the temperatures are nice and cool, right??). Last week was another warm/horribly disgusting one, and here’s what my running looked like:

monday: 8.5 miles easy a.m.; yoga class after work (always vinyasa)

tuesday: ~3 miles warm-up, 5 miles at tempo pace (goal: between half marathon/marathon pace so maybe 7:45 or so), 3 miles cooldown. This was mostly awful, if I recall correctly. I decided on a very hilly section of Central Park (starting up Harlem hill and going south on the west side), and went out way too fast so that the last few miles felt like a death march. I really need to work on that…

wednesday: off, blissful yoga class!

thursday: 9 miles easy a.m. with a few 30 second strides at the end

friday: 45 minute “meh” spin class at Flywheel, 3 or so miles running to and from studio. I usually just run on this day (around 7 miles) but this was a cutback week and it was 800 degrees out, so air conditioned spinning won.

saturday: 15 miles mostly easy, very hot and humid. I knew a workout wasn’t happening so just focusing on keeping a fairly steady pace and hydrating!

sunday: 8 miles very easy, yoga class in the afternoon

total of around 54 miles. My right foot had been bothering me a bit on and off, so cutting back a little on mileage was helpful and I’ll probably do this again a few times before taper. On other weeks recently I’m mostly around 60-65 miles, which might be my sweet spot of sorts as anything more hasn’t really seemed to benefit me in the past. This week has been gloriously cool in the mornings, and I am so, so ready for these fall temps to stick around!


2 thoughts on “marathon training lately

  1. Always have faith in your own journey… I have to remind myself of this over and over and over and over. You said it, it’s usually never useful to compare but we all do it. I’m glad you put that out there because every one needs to hear it, read it, and know that others feel the same way. Your post-run snack looks soooo good!


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